Diploma in Food & Beverage Service

Course Objectives

This programme is designed for those who wish to work in the Catering & Hospitality Industry for example in Hotels, Restaurants and In-company facilities, throughout the world.

Its design is intended to reflect both the international nature of the Food Preparation Industry and the country or culture-specific activities that are essential to meet customer needs.
This internationally recognised C&G Diploma prepares those who are interested in supervisory roles and further serves as the foundation for more advanced study in F&B Service.

Duration (10 months)

6 months of day time Institutional Studies and 4 months Industrial Placement

  • Theory (lectures and tutorials) and practical lessons at Oriton School
  •  Monday to Friday (1.5 hours per day)

C&G   : twice a year; in June and November




Quality Sanitation Management

Shows how to minimize potential liability and better protect the health and safety of guests and staff. Clearly outlines the sanitation risk management program that helps your property provide quality products and services, comply with regulations, and improve the bottom line

Food and Beverage Service
Helps supervisors and managers plan for and successfully manage the different types of food and beverage operations in a hotel or motel, including coffee shops, gourmet dining rooms, room service, banquets, and much more. Can be easily tailored to the unique needs of your property.

Food and Beverage Controls
Helps your employees take charge of the complexities of controlling food, beverages, labour, and sales income. Covers standards determination, the operating budget, and income/cost control, as well as control systems, the basics of computers, and computer applications in planning and control functions.

Bar and Beverage Management
This course is a must for any employee involved in any way with alcohol service! Includes everything your staff members need to know to profitably manage your establishment. Covers control systems, hiring and training, responsible alcohol service, and essential information on a wide range of beverage products.

Hospitality Supervision
Gives supervisors and aspiring supervisors the information they need to excel in the hospitality industry. Covers how to recruit, select, and train; increase productivity; control labour costs; effectively communicate; manage conflict and change; and use time management techniques

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