Internships have always existed in hospitality courses. But, at Standard we've developed them so that they take place in periods of intense activity in the hotels. A lot of students come to Standard because they know that our courses include a great deal of practical work. Thus within a year study period, 6 months of practical internships will have been completed. Combining theory and experience is one of our foundations. As soon as the students join the school they learn within a working environment in our restaurants and hotels of application. Thus, on their first internship, even if they only have a little know-how, they have already acquired the essential in terms of work-culture and knowing how to act.

Being put so swiftly into the working environment which is admittedly difficult, creates solidarity amongst the students. It also gives them the opportunity to consolidate their motivation for careers in Hospitality and in Catering which seems to us of great importance. I often tell them that they've overcome the most difficult stage in succeeding in their first training-period experience. In addition, they soon realize the chance they have of being able to acquire such practical skills throughout their entire training. Moreover, the establishments which accept them for their training-period, are all high class, that is, 3 or 4 star establishments which is a determining factor when they start their working-life. It is very true, we demand a lot from our students because the job demands a lot from them in terms of quality, commitment and excellence.

We have also prolonged the length of the training-periods.Today, the training-period is 5 months long which allows the professionals to review the situation and discuss performance appraisals with the young trainees. We have also instituted winter training-periods and are, in fact, still the only ones to offer such.

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"So much has happened since I joined Standard Tourism and Hotel Training Center. I just love it! Thanks, STHTC !"

Management Graduate