Vegetable Carving

Standard Tourism & Hotel Training Center specializes in providing  training  of fruit & vegetable carving. Introduction to using special tools, simple techniques, and carving a variety of flowers with vegetables, fruit and melons. Learn to carve insects, fish, birds, and to create a beautiful floral centerpiece with every day vegetable and fresh greenery.
Upon the complexioned classes, you will be able to create a beautiful centerpiece with a variety vegetable flowers, birds and insects. Advanced carving techniques to carve birds such as swans, peacocks, eagle, cranes, and others like horse, deer, dragon, watermelon lantern and to arrange with flowers and birds to create integrated show pieces.

Fruit Carving

Whether you entertain your guests by cooking, nothing enhances a carefully prepared dish, like a graceful fruit or vegetable carving, or some simple but elegant garnishes.
culinary carving expertise is arguably unsurpassed for skill and finesse. Our food carving instructors teach the basics of this beloved three-hour sessions held on consecutive days, for a total of nine hours of hands-on instruction.
You will learn food carving technique and two ornate flower patterns on two week. We use easy-to-carve large fleshy fruits such as watermelon and cantaloupe, and also show you how to carve these patterns on the small surfaces found on vegetables such as carrots and potatoes. End of two week you learn garnishes including cucumbers, tomatoes, chilies, and spring onions.

For those with limited time we offer a week course in the world style art of carving decorative vegetables for use as plate garnishes. A custom carving knife is included.
Closely based on the course described above, we created this course to meet the ever-growing international demand for instruction in this art. The decorative package includes a 2 week course with theory and practical, Everything you need to start carving fruits and vegetables.

information about 2 week  intensive Training for Professionals program can be usefull in your home or profession.


Professional Fruits and Vegetable Carving Tools:

    Carving Knife
    Hand Paring Knife

Special antique handcasted brass handle knife

    Stanless Steel German Blade Knife
    Spickmesser Paring Knife Plastic Handle
    Spickmesser Paring Knife Wood Handle
    A Pair Carving Knives
    Full Set Carving Tools

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